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Lil’ Boo is a new family run business from Copenhagen, Denmark.

It was formed by Peter and Nana, husband and wife, as a result of their love for stylish caps and their son who goes by the name of “Boo” – who is frequently pictured in the imagery.

When Boo was born at the end of 2015, they tried to find trendy caps for Boo to one-day wear – however, most caps they found were not safe, stylish or soft enough. They knew that Boo would one-day want a cap like his parents. As such, in between diaper changes and finding their feet as new parents, Peter and Nana spent the first year of Boo’s life designing the perfect cap for babies, toddlers and young kids. A cap that not only looks awesome enough to make any adult jealous, but that is also the safest possible construction.

These caps have been designed with the smallest details in mind – and the smallest caps have absolutely no small parts making them safer than any caps currently available. From the clasps, to the fabrics, to the sweatband made from milk, they are the safest and most innovative caps ever created for kids.

Please enjoy with us their wonderful collection.

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